About us
We are just a couple of guys who refused to believe the accepted statement that "it couldn't be done." We started with an old 12 valve because that was the simplest engine to learn on. We first built a mechanical, belt driven rotary valve just as a proof of concept design. We put that on an old white first gen. truck. You can see it on our Project History video. With that success under our belt, we proceeded with the development of an electronic version that could be used on a 24 valve. We spent about a year believing that we could buy hydraulic valves that would have a short enough response time and high enough flow to open the exhaust valve during the incredibly short event window at TDC in a relatively high revving engine. We wasted a lot of time with that endeavor, and finally had to design and build our own valve. That was the missing link. We now have a laptop programmable, electronic engine brake that is from a functionality standpoint, complete. From a marketing standpoint, there is still a lot of work to do. The fact that the process has been so long and slow has it advantages though. We have had time to use, test, break, and fix both 12 and 24 valve models and have grown more knowledgeable and confident in the design as the years have gone by. As we have mentioned, we are seeking someone to fund the completion of the project in exchange for an exclusive manufacturing license agreement. We hope to find funding soon, and bring to market the most revolutionary product that could be bolted to your truck.